Monday, April 20, 2015

Is my rainguard defective?

Dear Eagle Optics,
My binoculars just arrived today. They’re magnificent! It’s an excellent product and I’m sure I’ll be very happy with them.

One minor thing, however. The lens caps that that go over the viewing lenses (the lenses you hold right up to your eyes) appear to have a tear. Would you please be kind enough to send a replacement? Thanks. Picture attached.

Best regards,


Hello Luis,
Thanks for writing with your question and glad to hear you are enjoying your binoculars. 

That gap in that side of the rainguard is there by design.  When you have the covers on, you can make it a little more secure by putting that around the neck strap.  But when in use you would like them to fall away to one side so that they don’t ride up the neck strap and into your mouth or some other position where they get in the way.  They are meant to swing off to one side of the strap to get out of your way, essentially. 

Best wishes,
Eagle Optics

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Need a small, lightweight tripod

I just received a from you.Unfortunately, it is way too bulky for my needs.

I have a new compact .  When I ordered the tripod kit, I had the impression that the legs would be on the thin side and the unit would fold into a much smaller package.

Before  I return it, what would you have that will deploy quickly, is light weight , and fit into a 19in. package, for my small Vortex scope?

Thanks for your help . Any input would be very welcome.

John S.   
Portland ,CT


Dear John,
Thanks for your inquiry.
The folded length of the you bought has a folded length of 19.2". 
For travel, remove the center column (with the tripod head) and place it next to the legs for the smallest possible package.

Keep in mind that depending on your height, you will be raising the center column up--maybe even to its limit--to get to your eye level with your straight-bodied-scope.  Which is why you may want to keep the tripod you have until you evaluate one of these. We have a 30-day Return Policy. Remember too, that you get what you pay for.

In any case, you said you're looking for a lighter-duty setup. Here are some recommendations:

Manfrotto 190Go Tripod Leg  (You would need to purchase a tripod head with this. A lighter option than the one you have is:  Manfrotto 700RC2 TripodHead 

Please call if you have any questions. We'll be happy to take additional measurements for you.

All the best,

Eagle Optics

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Need a scope and tripod for seabird surveys

I have a budget of 800. I need a spotting scope and tripod for viewing seabirds from land. Maritime conditions. Do you have any recommendations?

Dear Jennifer,
The is a great buy.

For a larger scope with a little more magnification and close to the same image quality, I would also suggest the Celestron Regal M2 20-60x80 ED.

The Vanguard Abeo series of tripod kits are also nice and relatively inexpensive. And a good pairing with either of these scopes. The Abeo 243 line is best for folks 5'11" or so and shorter and the Abeo 283 for people at or above that height.

Let us know if you have further questions.


Eagle Optics

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Does my Kowa scope have ED glass?

I just purchased a from the  Eagle Optics store near closing time. I got home and noticed the scope does not say ED. My receipt does and your website appears to show the ED on the scope. 

Does mine in fact have the ED lenses?

Dan W.


Hi Dan,
All of the 663 scopes have ED glass.  At one point, Kowa did make a version of this scope without ED glass, and it was called the 661. These have been gone for quite some time.   

All of Kowa’s scopes that use either ED glass or flourite crystal will be designated as being part of their Prominar series, and will say so on the scope body and will also have a thin red ring around the barrel where the sunshade begins.  Your scope should have the Prominar designation on it along with the red ring at the end of the barrel.

If you have any other questions, just let me know.

Best regards,

Eagle Optics