Friday, July 31, 2009

Two Binoculars

From: Sam
Subject: Two binoculars

Hi, I'm looking for a compact pair of binoculars to leave in my office. I'm considering the following:

- Minox BD 8x24 BR Binocular
- Brunton Eterna 8x25 Roof Prism Binocular

Please recommend one based on your experience. I am interested in quality binoculars and quality build. I normally use Nikon binoculars, specifically the Nikon Premier 8x32.

If there are other compact binoculars you recommend, please let me know. My IPD is narrower, so some binoculars don't close enough for my eyes.



Hello Mr. Cooper, thanks for the email. I would say that of the two binoculars you mention, the better value are the Brunton binoculars, as it is a bit less expensive than the Minox binoculars and the optical differences between the two are not great at all. Both of these binoculars will offer very good image quality in most lighting conditions and both binoculars are quite rugged as well.

The only other compacts to check out that are a bit different than what you're currently looking at would be the Vortex Fury 8x28. The Furys will be a bit brighter than the other two models when used in low-lighting conditions, plus they offer a more comprehensive warranty. The Furys will reach your 57mm Interpupillary Distance as well.

Hope this helps, thanks for your consideration.

Jason, Eagle Optics

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