Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zeiss Victory Binoculars

From: Keith
Subject: Zeiss Victory 10x42 Binoculars

I am interested in the above Zeiss binoculars. However, I’m a bit confused regarding the model numbers. I’ve noticed that some descriptions of the model number include the T* designation and some don’t. Your website's description also has the FL and LT in the model description. Are these all the same thing or is one a newer model than the others.

Thank you.



Hello Keith, thanks for the email. We stock only the newest Victory FL models, the product SKU number for the 10x42 Victory FL is 524542 (524552 is the same model but in green rubber armoring). If the other descriptions you've noticed elsewhere incorporate this SKU number, then we're probably talking about the same model.

Any Zeiss Victory binoculars are going to be T* (whether it's mentioned in the website listing or not) - all the Victorys use that coating (T* is the proprietary name for Zeiss' optical multi-coating scheme).

The non-FL Victory binoculars are about 5 years old or older, they look significantly different from the current Victory FLs and are a bit of a step down optically. LT is the acronym for LotuTec, which is an exterior coating on the binoculars that repels water, making them easier to keep clean and smudge-free.

Hope this helps, thanks for your consideration.

Jason, Eagle Optics

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