Monday, August 10, 2009

Leupold Binoculars?

From: Jonathan
Subject: Leupold Binoculars

I am looking at Leupold binoculars and I'm torn between the Mojave 12x50 and the Olympic 12x50 for my next set of binoculars. These will be used mainly for hunting (long distance glassing). Which set would you recommend and why? Thanks for the help!!


Hi Jonathan, though both of those Leupold binoculars are quite nice, I think the 12x50 Mojave is the better of the two. I took both of them out earlier today and was very impressed with the Mojave. For about $50 more than the Olympic, the Mojave is a much better binocular, offering a brighter, more contrast-y image with far fewer chromatic aberrations. Though the Mojaves are a bit heavier than the Olympics, I had an easier time steadying the binoculars in my hand thanks to the Mojave's open-hinge design.

There are some other noteworthy binoculars in the same price range as those Leupold binoculars, check these out too:

- Vortex 12x50 Diamondback - A bit less expensive than both Leupolds, but still very good image quality.
- Eagle Optics Ranger SRT 12x50 - Similar in quality and features to the Olympics, though with a more comprehensive warranty.
- Burris Signature Select 12x50 - A bit nicer even than the Mojaves, though with a more traditional single-hinge design.

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