Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ultra Close-Focusing Binoculars?

From: David
Subject: Ultra Close Focusing binoculars

Hi, I'm interested in getting some high quality close focus binoculars. I have a pair of Pentax Papilio binoculars that I think focus as close as it gets (at about 18 inches) but I’m looking for better binoculars. I notice that Eagle Optics makes binoculars (Ranger SRT 8x32) that focus to 3 feet, and I’m considering those, but are there any Leica binoculars / Zeiss binoculars / Swarovski binoculars that have close focus approaching 3 feet? Any alternative, high quality, suggestions would also be much appreciated. Thanks!


Hello David, thanks for the email. The Eagle Optics binoculars are an excellent choice for close focusing. Another pair of binoculars to look at would be the Brunton Epoch binoculars (also available in 8.5x and 10.5x versions). These will also focus to 3 feet and as they are full-size binoculars, they are a bit of an optical upgrade from the Pentax binocularsand Eagle Optics binoculars.

The other option is to wait and consider the new Swarovski ELs, they are going to focus to just under 5 feet, which is the closest in terms of true "Alpha" binoculars. Hope this helps!

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