Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hunting Binoculars

From: Kevin
Subject: Hunting Binos

Hello, My name is Kevin and I need some help/recommendations. I’m planning a moose hunting trip to Newfoundland next year and my wife has agreed to buy me a new set of binoculars for X-mas. I would like to stay under the $500 mark and of course I want the most bang for my buck. I have been looking at the Nikon Monarch 10x42 as they seem to very popular with hunters and get a lot of good binocular reviews. I was also looking at the Eagle Optics Ranger SRT 10x42 as they also get very good reviews. I also noticed the Vortex Viper 10x42 though they are a little over my budget. I would be willing to consider them if the performance over the other options is worth it. I am also open to other suggestions as I have never owned a decent set of binoculars in my life.

If you could offer some advice or recommendations I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, Kevin


Hi Kevin, thanks for the email. The Rangers and the Monarchs are essentially the same binoculars, just slightly different body styles, so the Nikon's are the better value. The Vipers are a step up form the other two models, especially noticeable in low-lighting conditions where the Viper image will be a bit sharper, and with less color fringing, than the Ranger or Monarch. Another one to look at that is very similar optical quality but a bit better price is the Burris Signature Select 10x42. The Signature Select are very close to the Vipers, but are a bit better value, though many people like the Vortex warranty that Burris can't really touch, though they do have good customer service generally.

Hope this helps, thanks for your consideration.

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