Friday, January 22, 2010

From: Charles
Subject: info about binoculars

Is your Eagle Optics Ranger SRT the same as the earlier Eagle Optics Ranger Platinum? If not, what are the differences?

Also, please send me information about the Ranger SRT such as phase correction, eye relief, close up focus, and weight.

Thanks for your help,


Hello Charles, thanks for the email. The SRT are an updated version of the Platinum Class binoculars. There are a couple notable differences from the Platinum Class to the SRT:

1. The SRT offer more durable aluminum retractable eyecups; the Platinum Class were polycarbonate eyecups.
2. The SRT have a bit better light transmission through the prism blocks (the mirror coating is of a higher grade) than the Platinum Class, most notable under low-lighting conditions.
3. The SRTs are produced in CHina, the Platinum Class are Japanese, so the SRTs are a bit less expensive than the Platinums.

The Rangers are phase corrected roof prism binoculars. All the Ranger SRTs offer great eye relief, they focus to 3 feet (the 32mm models), 5 feet (the 42mm models) or 8 feet (the 50mm models), and they are fairly light-weight (the 32mm models are approx. 19 ounces, the 42mm are 22 ounces, the 50mm are 27 ounces).

Hope this helps, thanks for your consideration.

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