Monday, February 1, 2010

Pentax scope eyepieces?

From Dennis:

Subject: Best eyepiece for Pentax 65 ED-A II scope

I am considering the purchase of a Pentax 65 ED-A II spotting scope. I wish to use the scope for birding. Which Pentax eyepiece would be most appropriate for this scope: the XW 14, the XW 10 or the XF 20-60x zoom? Are there any other options I should consider? Thanks in advance for your reply.


Dennis: Thanks for your question. The most appropriate eyepiece for the Pentax 65 is the XF zoom, as it is smaller and more compatible with the smaller-bodied Pentax scope.
The astronomical eyepieces do fit it, but they are quite big on the back of that small scope body. Hope this helps you narrow down your options.

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