Monday, March 29, 2010

harness strap Q&A

Q: "I read that people like your harness strap. I have Swarovski binos, and also read about the American Birding Association ones with the negative comment below. Will I have this same problem with yours or will yours attach differently and work well? Thanks."

"If you plan to use this strap with Swarovski EL42 binoculars, it will not work. The clips to attach harness strap to binoculars do not fit and one must use the split rings that come with the harness strap. After a year of use, the split rings had nearly cut through the attachment points on my binoculars. I'm lucky I caught this before the attachment points broke. I do not know if this occurs with other binoculars."


A: This is a good question, and one that begs clearing up some confusion.

The Swarovski harness strap is the only one that will clip directly into your Swarovski binocular strap attachments.

Both the Eagle Optics and ABA harness straps will fit Swarovski (and many other) binoculars, but they attach via a set of plastic zip ties and metal O-rings. The idea is to attach the should zip the O-ring onto the binocular with the zip ties so as to avoid the metal eating through metal issue mentioned above.
Both the Eagle Optics and ABA harnesses include attachment instructions.

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