Monday, March 15, 2010

tall, lightweight tripod leg set?

From Seth in Wisconsin:

I am a tall person, 6'7" with a straight spotting scope, and use a Manfrotto 3011 BN Tripod w/ the 3130 head. Do you guys have anything else that is A) that same height as that one/ goes as tall as that setup...? and B) same height/ as tall as that one and lighter in weight? If it would work for a straight scope that would be best.

Good question. You could put your existing head (the 128 RC is the new #, but same head as the 3130) on a carbon fiber leg set. My top three suggestions would be these Manfrotto, Swarovski, and Gitzo models.
They'll be tall enough, lighter weight than what you have, and will provide more stability.

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