Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Choosing Binoculars?

I'm thinking of getting a new pair of binocs and noticed the Steiner Peregrine XPs.
I am looking at the Pentax DCF 8x43 also.
I have a pair of 10x42 Leupold Wind River Pinnacles that i have been using
I think that i need better light gathering ability for early and late viewing. i also want to use them for scanning for deer and possibly birding.
I have a Swarovski STS 80 as my spotting scope.
Any thoughts about the Steiners, Pentax or other choices?
The top of my price range is 1500.00 but I don't necessarily need to spend that much if I will not see a big difference.

A: I'm not sure which Pentax binocular you're looking at. The DCF ED is a great binocular, and I would argue as sharp and bright to the edge as the Steiner. They will also carry a far more comprehensive warranty coverage than the Steiner and are less expensive.
The Pentax DCF SP is more similar to your Pinnacles, and I'd guess you wouldn't notice it being a very big step up.

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