Thursday, May 20, 2010

IPD measurement for Pentax 10x50 SP

Q, from Henry: My wife has just started having fun birding with friends that reccommend your store, and one of them uses audubon binoculars that she likes and fit my wife who tried them and likes the click-adjust eyecups and the eyepieces go close enough together for her narrow eyes and the 10 power is good and the 42mm is enough to give more color to birds than the 10x25 cheapy minoltas I got here because they are narrow enough for her eyes. A little searching found me the very intriguing Pentax DCF SP 10 x 50, which offer excellent eye relief and power and clickable eyepieces and sound nice, except they say only 2.3-2.5 eyepiece closeness, Just measured my wife at 2.25 eyepiece centers, could you measure them and verify, or recommend something? thanks so far!

A: Henry, the IPD for the 10x50 SP is minimum 61mm and a maximum of 73mm.
IPD is measured in millimeters, but translated to inches, you're looking at around 2.4 inches minimum, 2.8 inches maximum.
You could look at something like the Eagle Optics Ranger 10x50 or Vortex Viper 10x50, both of which will have a minimum of 58mm, and will have a better chance of working against her IPD of 57mm. Thanks and good luck!

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