Monday, May 10, 2010

Minox BV 8x25 BRW vs. Vortex Vanquish

From Jay in Ohio:

Q: Between these do you have a recommendation?
Minox BV 8X25 BRW binocular or Vortex Vanquish 8X26 binocular.

Any other options in a waterproof compact that I should consider?

A: Jay: This is a good comparison. They're pretty comparable as far as having good
eye relief and being lightweight.
The Vortex is a bit heavier, and will feel different in your hands because of its shape.
Other than that, they will be very similar optically.
The only other main difference is that the warranty on the Vortex is far more comprehensive.
The Minox will be covered for 30 years of coverage for manufacturing defects, and will go to Minox if you have any problem.
The Vortex will come to Eagle Optics for any service, and for the lifetime, it is covered against anything except theft and loss, for free. We will fix or replace it for no cost.

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