Friday, May 14, 2010

Pentax HRc vs. Nikon Monarch

Q: From Bill:
I ordered binoculars from Eagle Optics a few years ago, and was very pleased with the service and the Swift Ultralites I received. Unfortunately, the Swifts were broken recently, and I need to buy a new pair. I am a few hours drive from a store where I could try out a decent selection, so I was wondering if someone could email me back with an opinion. I am interested in the Pentax
8 x 42 HRc, the Nikon 8 x 42 Monarch ATB and some other roof prisms in that price and performance range. Is there a model that is sharper? Is the wider field of view on the Pentax worth more than say the Nikon's handling?

A: As far as overall quality goes, I would recommend the Nikon Monarch over that particular Pentax. The Monarch is sharper and brighter, and has a nicer build quality overall.
You could compare the Monarch well with the Eagle Optics Ranger if you're looking for another option. The Ranger will have a more comprehensive warranty coverage than the Monarch.

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