Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Broken binocular?

Q, from Mitch:

Hello. I just accidentally bumped my wife's binoculars off the frig (easy access for birds in the yard). They landed in such a way that the adjustable eyecup and lens popped out. I can easily thread it back in, but only part way. I don't see the problem, but want to avoid further damage in my untrained attempts at repair.
So, can I mail these back to you for repair? We bought them from you (along with three other pairs over the years). They are labeled "Audubon", Sheltered Winds. I feel pretty badly; we try to take very good care of our optics.
Thanks for your advice.

Yes, you can absolutely send your Audubon binoculars back here for service. Please send them to us at:
2120 W Greenview Dr
Middleton, WI 53562
Please include correspondence with the binoculars including your name, return address, a contact phone number, and a note describing what on the binocular needs service. If there is any service charge for the repairs, our technicians will call you prior to proceeding.

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