Saturday, June 5, 2010

Swarovski eyepiece?

Q, from Dan:

Hi, I have the HD 80 with a 20Xsw eyepeice. I see that you now have a 32x wide angle. Where can I get the specifications to compare these 2 eyepieces? I'm especially interested in the field of view at 1000 between the two. Any trade-up/in programs that you have would be interesting too. Thanks.


A: Thanks for your question, Dan.
Because the 20Xsw has been discontinued, I don't know of anywhere online where I could point you to compare the two.
I do have the specs here from an old catalog:
FOV: 180' @ 1000 yds
eye relief: 17mm
close focus: 10'
For the 30x WA
FOV: 126' @ 1000 yds
eye relief: 20mm

I couldn't find a published close focus anywhere on the 30x WA eyepiece, but otherwise I hope that answers most of your questions.

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