Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swarovski scope case strap attachement?

Q, from Greg: I just purchased a case for my Swarovski spotting scope. It is impossible to see how to attach the strap to the case. Can you help?


A: Good question, Greg.
There are some instructions on how to attach the strap on the underside of the paper sleeve the strap was in.
When you hold one of the 3 ends of the strap., you will see a metal ring, and above that a black clip.
Hold the black clip and slide it away from the metal ring. You may need to use a little force. Once the clip is moved a small ways towards the strap you are now able to open the metal ring. You attach the end of the strap that has just 1 ring to the black loop between the 2 snaps where the eyepiece is, attach the other side of the strap that has 2 rings to the objective lens end of the case right below the zipper, to a back loop.
I hope this helps! If this does not make sense please call Eagle Optics and we can talk you through it.

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  1. This works, but there are many effective, simple mechanisms available to attach straps. It appears that Swarovski used the same mentality in designing the strap attachment as they did in designing the incredibly disfunctional case, itself.


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