Monday, July 26, 2010

Kowa 883 eyepieces and eye relief

Q, from Robin:
I am hunting for a spotting scope but am having trouble finding one that I can use without experiencing vignetting.

From experience with binoculars and using several scopes, my wife and I have determined that we need at least an eye relief of 18mm to avoid vignetting.

We are most interested in the Kowa TSN-883 Prominar but the eye relief is insufficient. Do you know of a different eyepiece that I could use with the TSN-883 (a zoom eyepiece) that would deliver at least an 18mm eye relief?

The only scopes I know of that seem to be in the quality range that I would like and have enough eye relief are the Leica, which is too expensive, and the Vortex Razor. I have a strong preference for the Kowa, if I can, somehow, make it work but may have to settle for the Vortex.

Robin, unfortunately no other eyepieces but Kowa will fit the Kowa scopes. I'd take a serious look at the Vortex. It is a very good quality scope for the money, with a more comprehensive warranty coverage than Kowa.

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