Friday, July 30, 2010

Swarovski spotting scope weight, digiscoping, accessories

Q, from Mike:
I purchased Swarovski binoculars today but am still struggling with which spotting scope to get.

As I travel a lot the weight and length of the spotting scope becomes important. Can you give me the weight and length comparison between the Swarovski 80mm ATM HD angled and the 65 ATM HD angled spotting scopes.
Web page shows the Swarovski Digital Camera Base for angled scopes. I presume this fits both the 80mm and the 65mm spotting scopes. Are there any other attachments/adapters required to fit camera to the spotting scope.

Does the spotting scope come with a case or equivalent?
Hopefully with your reply I can make as decision without asking more questions though if there is a preferred camera for this type of digiscoping please don't hesitate to let me know.

Thanks for your order. The scope doesn't come with a case, but there are cases available:
The base does fit both scopes, but it'll depend on what camera you have. If you can give us a call with your camera model in front of you, we'd be happy to help talk digiscoping. With this adapter, you'll need a point-and-shoot camera with a below 4x optical zoom.

The 80 scope and 65 are 45.2 and 36 ounces, respectively.
This information is located on the specifications tab of each product.
Thanks, Mike. -Kate

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