Monday, August 16, 2010

Eagle Optics Denali digiscoping

Q, from Greg:
Greetings, I have a scope of yours, a Denali, and would like to know how I could attach a point and shoot digital camera to it for digiscoping. Sadly, I only have the scope. I don't have any adapter pieces. If you sell these, or know where I can find them, it would be the first step for this project! Second, I would like to digiscope with a DSLR camera, an Olympus E-450 with this same scope. Do you have adapters for this?

A: If you buy a small-bodied, below 4x optical zoom point and shoot camera, and this adapter, you can digiscope through the Denali.
As far as using a DSLR camera goes, the Denali comes with a photo adapter that can be used to digiscope with a DSLR camera body. The only other piece you'll need to bridge the gap between the scope and camera body is a T-ring. This is the one for Olympus DSLRs.

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