Monday, September 13, 2010

Pentax 80ED digiscoping

Q, from Scott:
I need some advice on how to digiscope with a Pentax PF80ED scope. I have been using a universal adapter but find its more cumbersome than I'd like. I would prefer to have a set up that allows me to screw the camera onto the eyepiece. Do you have any suggestions?


Scott, I don't know of a good digiscoping solution for the Pentax scope offhand. You may be able to find some other options from manufacturers in the telescope/astronomy industry due to the fact that the Pentax uses 1.25" eyepieces which is the same used on most astro pieces. We do not sell any telescopes thus I'm not familiar with current options in that market.
Another option would be to try and fabricate an adapter on your own that will fit both the Pentax eyepieces and your specific camera model. I have spoken with other Pentax scope users who have gone this route as well.

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