Monday, October 4, 2010

Eagle Optics monocular-questions

Q, from Pat:
Hey - I have an Eagle Optics Monocular. I am vision impaired, so use my monocular a lot to see signs, see things at the lake, at performances and so forth. I have a couple of questions:
1. What do the numbers "7x18" mean, and if I wanted a monocular with more power, what numbers would I want?
2. Does Eagle Optics make the same monocular as I own with more power? (because I love wearing this one around my neck - doesn't get lost)
I am on a limited budget, so am not looking for something expensive, but something that works well with more power or a larger visual field, and is convenient.

A: Thanks for your question, Pat.

My coworker Nina recently wrote a monocular article for the Eagle Optics blog. You may find the information about magnification useful.
Lower magnification (8x or under) is best, since it is easier to hold steady and has a wider field of view. Therefore your 7x is adequate, but you could move up to one with better quality glass, which will make the image clearer. The number 18 on your monocular refers to the objective lens size in millimeters. Generally, the larger the objective (front) lens, the more light coming in to the instrument, making the image brighter. However, a larger objective lens also adds weight.
Here is a link to all the monoculars we carry in the 0-$109. price range. Most can be attached to a lanyard.

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