Monday, October 18, 2010

Minox digital eyepiece for Swarovski scope

Q, from Worth: I am looking into buying this camera for my spotting scope. Is there a difference in which swarovski scope it is. I have the 20-60 65 angled scope. Also is this product used or not. I looked at one of these cameras in Ely, Nevada and they wanted $499.00 for it. I am going to order one from somewhere. Just double checking to make sure I am not missing some of the fine print somewhere. Please let me know. Thank you.

A: Hi Worth,

These are new units. Since they were originally introduced we've seen a significant price reduction on these eyepiece cameras. I would suspect that the store you saw it at had older inventory or they were just asking a particularly high price for the unit. It is compatible with your 65mm Swarovski scope. You would install this camera/eyepiece on your scope in place of the Swarovski 20-60x zoom eyepiece that you have.

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