Monday, October 25, 2010

Tripod for Nikon Fieldscope

Q, from Steve:
I am considering purchase of this nikon fieldscope III for piping plover monitoring. Can you recommend a good tripod that will attach to this and set up easily in unevern ground, is stable, and not be prone to blow over in the wind? I was advised that Bogen/Manfrotto would be good for this but can you suggest a model. Also, what is and do I need a separate "head" for attachment? Thanks for any help...


A: Thanks for contacting Eagle Optics regarding a sturdy tripod for your use.
I would recommend the Manfrotto 055 XB Tripod Legs. This is a nice, sturdy and well-made tripod that is easy to set up on uneven ground, and will extend up to 70" which should be sufficient for use with your straight Nikon Fieldscope III.
The tripod head that will work well with this, and our best-seller, is the Manfrotto 128RC Micro Fluid Tripod Head.

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