Thursday, November 11, 2010

Binocular suggestion

Q, from Louise: I am going to Costa Rica and am looking for binoculars that will be good for viewing birds and butterfles, as well as good overall binoculars for vacations to other places, where viewing may be mostly large wildlife or scenery. I wear glasses and my eyes are fairly close together, so I need binoculars in which the eyepieces come together enough so that I see a single image. After reading articles and looking at your Web site I am interested in the Eagle Optics Ranger SRT 8 x 42. Do they seem like an appropriate choice? If not, are there others in the same price range that you would recommend?


A: Thanks for your question, Louise. The Ranger SRT is a good choice for your trip. It is lightweight and has a nice close focus. It is one of our mosr popular models in that price range. However, I'm not sure whether they will fit your face. Do you have a measurement of your IPD (interpupillary distance)? Your optometrist would have this measurement. If not, it might be best to just give the Ranger a try. We have a 30-day return policy if they don't work for you.

Another suggestion would be the Atlas Optics Intrepid ED 8x42 Binocular. While it is a bit heavier than the Ranger, it has better optics with the HD glass, wider field of view (420 ft./100 yds.), good eye relief, and has garnered great reviews from customers. The price is a bit higher at $349.99.

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