Friday, November 19, 2010

Eagle Optics: Denalis vs. Rangers

Q, from Tad in California:

We have purchased EO binoculars in the past, recently buying a set of 8x42 Rangers for a friend. These are superb, and equivalent to my older Leica Trinvids (but with a bit more light) – not bad!

I am looking for an additional pair.

What differences (ruggedness, image quality) will I perceive between the 8x42 Denalis, and the 8x42 Rangers?

Thanks in advance for your help, and for your excellent offerings.

A: The Ranger is a higher quality binocular than the Denali. This difference is not only reflected in the price but performance as well. You can expect the Rangers to be optically sharper, brighter, and render better color contrast. This is a factor of the grade of glass used in the lenses and prisms, as well as the quality and number of optical coatings on the lens and prism surfaces.
In terms of mechanics and durability, I would say that the Ranger does have a higher build quality as well. Both are great offerings in their respective price ranges, though the Rangers are the better of the two models.

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