Monday, January 3, 2011

Zeiss 10x40 Conquest

I've been birding for 40 years and have used, tried, and looked through loads of binoculars. I had an old B&L Elite 10x40 which I had donated to a guide in Peru so I needed a new pair. I already had an excellent Nikon 8x32 premier pair which as I had reviewed before held up very favorably to Swarovskis.

This pair of Conquest was purchased as I needed a little more power when conducting bird surveys on Lake Michigan and for shorebirds. I have been very happy with these. The optics are clear to the very wide edge of field and are as bright and clear as the Nikons even with the Nikon's 8x edge. I was recently birding with someone that had a pair of Leupold 10x40 and the Conquest blew them away, I felt sorry for their owner.

The balance of vision was excellent for me and the rate of focus change on the focus wheel seems a bit fast so I have had to adjust. These are very small issues that have not detracted from the good feeling I have from having a quality pair of 10x binoculars that cost half as much as some comparable makes.

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