Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Comparing 2 birding binoculars

Dear Eagle Optics,

I am a relatively beginning birder, and am trying to make a decision on a pair of binoculars. Maybe you can help me. I don't have a lot of money to spend, and have narrowed it down to these two, based on price, some comments from an experienced birder and the recommendations on your website:

I was also looking at the EO Denali 8x42, but put that one last due to the "close focus" distance being farther away than the other two.

Could you help me understand what features of the other two I should consider when making my decision? The FOV is similar enough. Which do you believe would be the brightest? Best under low light conditions? Sharpest view? Handling/ease of use for a woman (medium hands)? Something else I should consider?

Thanks in advance for any feedback; your company came very highly recommended!



Hi Kristin,

Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics!

These are both good pieces at their price points, but the Ranger is certainly a better binocular, optically speaking. In my opinion, especially at its price, I would go with the Ranger. It will technically let less light in because of its 32mm (vs. Diamondback 42mm) lens, but other than in extreme low light, it will be sharper and brighter optically. I also think it will fit better in most women's hands compared to the Diamondback.

They have the same warranty and we make them both; they are covered for anything for free outside of theft or loss.

These are both very good choices if you're comfortable in that price range.

You can also feel free to give a call to any of us with questions.

Thanks again! -Kate

Kate Fitzmier
Eagle Optics

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  1. Hi Kristin,

    Just wanted to second Kate's comments. I think she's right: You'll find the Ranger 32mm more comfortable to use. Also, a 32mm should give you a wider FOV, which makes getting on the bird easier. A Ranger 8x42 was my first real birding binocular. While it was technically excellent, I found the FOV a bit narrow. Consequently, it was harder to find birds. My primary binocular an 8x32 (Swarovski) now and I'm very happy with it. The Ranger is a great value too.

    No worries about buying from Eagle. They really stand behind their stuff. I wouldn't consider getting my optics anywhere else.

    Happy birding,


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