Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Manfrotto Car Window Mount/Quick Release Plate


Does anyone make a car window scope mount that uses a spring loaded clip to attach to the window, and that works with the Manfrotto 3130/128RC quick release plate that the scope mounts to the regular tripod with?

I have a car window mount currently that uses a standard attachment for the scope and the screw clamp for window attachment and I have to remove the scope from the quick release plate to attach it to the window mount. For me this is a huge pain. Is there anything better on the market?

Thank you,

Hi Jerry,

We don’t have anything with a spring loaded clip, however this car window mount setup from Manfrotto uses the same quick release plate as the 3130/128RC. This way you could quickly move your scope with the quick release plate between your car window mount and your tripod.

Eagle Optics

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