Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Digiscoping with a Kowa TSN 82SV

Eagle Optics,

I am considering adding the Panasonic G2 (or waiting for the G3 to come out) to my digiscoping setup.

I have the Kowa TSN 82SV 82mm Angled Spotting Scope and Kowa 20-60x Eyepiece.

I have been doing some research and most pieces I have read are recommending a fixed eyepiece vs the zoom.

My questions to you are what fixed eyepiece would you recommend and what additional adapters, etc. would I need to purchase for a setup using the G2 or G3?

Thanks for the help,


Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.
You can use either a fixed or zoom eyepiece, but I would recommend that it is perfectly easy to use the zoom and just leave it on the lowest setting.
If you were interested in getting a fixed eyepiece, this 30x fixed is the most popular one for that scope.

For digiscoping with the TSN 82sv you will also need the following adapters:

-a fixed 50mm lens for the camera

-the Kowa DA-1 digital camera adapter

-a Kowa DCA ring (if you get a fixed 50 lens, it should have a 52mm thread, so I picked that size)

Feel free to give a call with further questions as well.

Eagle Optics

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