Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kowa Digiscoping Advice


I'm thinking of buying a Kowa spotting scope TSN-883 with some accessories.
One of the accessories is a photo adaptor TSN-PZ. I have a SLR Nikon D300.
And I understand that I also have to have a so called T-ring. According to Kowas homepage this is called a TSN-CM2 probably followed by a N ( as in Nikon)
Do you have this? I couldn't find this at your homepage.

So for the digiscoping part. Do I need anything other than the scope ( TSN-883) the photo adapter (TSN-PZ) and the T-ring?

Best regards

Hi Bengt,
Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.
We unfortunately do not carry T-rings.

You could buy a standard Nikon T-ring. They are generally inexpensive from camera stores.

The scope body, photo adapter and a T-ring should do it to complete your digiscoping setup.
That will basically turn the body of your spotting scope into a telephoto lens.

Eagle Optics

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