Thursday, September 15, 2011

Swarovski Digiscoping Set-up

Hi Eagle Optics,

I am new to digiscoping and was wondering if you could help me with narrowing the choice of camera to use for digiscoping with a Swarovski 80 HD ATM Spotting Scope & a Universal Camera Adapter. The family is used to using Canon cameras.

In the family already are a 7d & a G10 - which I understand are not good for digiscoping. Someone has mentioned the Canon s95 -but others swear by Fuji or Nikon.



The main thing to consider for digiscoping is to get a camera with a below 4x optical zoom and a small body. If the zoom is higher, it won’t work.

The S 95 is great, any Nikon Coolpix with a below 4x, and I think there are some fujis out there as well. The quality of the Swarovski scope is so good that it should work well with any digiscoping appropriate camera.

If you’re looking at the S95 or other small cameras, you might think about the below options instead of the UCA. This adapter setup is less expensive overall, easier to use, and lighter weight for you to carry around.

This is Swarovskis’ digital camera adapter. It comes with various rings, including a 37mm thread size.

This adapter will give your camera threads of 37mm, and attach to the Swarovski 37mm ring provided with the adapter purchase above.

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