Tuesday, October 25, 2011

8x vs. 10x Magnification

Eagle Optics,

Can you tell me what percentage of birders get magnification 10x vs 8x? They both seem really good. I have viewed your videos which are very helpful in demonstrating field of view, etc. Is it just a matter of personal choice?




It is mostly a matter of choice. I’d say the majority of birders use 8x.
A 10x is perfect if 1) you can hold that magnification steady (many people can’t), and 2) you are doing mostly long-distance viewing.

I would say in general 8x work well because they are very all-purpose as far as having a good mix of magnification and field of view. Most people will buy a spotting scope eventually if they need high magnification.

If you are a beginning birder or binocular user, I would also suggest an 8x binocular.

Eagle Optics

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