Monday, October 10, 2011

Zeiss Diascope Digiscoping Setup

Eagle Optics,

I caught your offer for the green Zeiss 15-45x65 scope-sounds like a good deal. I think I may have got some stuff off you guys on ebay previously and I was recommended you by many folks who say you're the best. I was just wondering is there a digiscoping attachment for this device you may like.


Hi Duncan,

Thank you for your interest in Eagle Optics, and the Zeiss 15-45x65 spotting scope. It is definitely a great deal on a high quality scope package, and there are a couple of digiscoping adapters that will work with it.

The first is the Vortex Universal DCA for $59.99. It’s a very simple design, but will work with almost any Point-and-Shoot camera.

The other option is a Zeiss DCA for $455. This is a very well designed, although heavy, adapter that has several features the Vortex DCA does not, but the price is a bit of a pill to swallow.

Eagle Optics

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