Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Razor Digiscoping Setup

Hi Eagle Optics,

I have a Canon G11 and would like to know if that will work with the Vortex Razor HD and what adapter I would need.



Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics. You're in luck. The G11 is one of very few exceptions to the rule that a point and shoot has to have a below 4x optical zoom to digiscope. The G11 has a 5x zoom, but works well.

In order to digiscope with your Razor scope you'll need these pieces:

Vortex Razor Digital Camera Adapter

And you'll also need one of these which you can order online but not from us:

Canon Filter Adapter


We can sell you this adapter that will attach to the Razor DCA and provide a platform to mount your camera on:

Vortex PS-100 Point-n-Shoot Adapter

Eagle Optics

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  1. You can have the set-up depending on the configuration. See to it that it suits right.


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