Thursday, January 19, 2012

Digiscoping with a Kowa TSN-2

Eagle Optics,

Several years ago I got interested in using my school's Kowa TSN-2 (77mm) for digiscoping. I bought a TSN-DA1 adapter, the extender and the piece that fits around the eyepiece.

My question is, will a full size Canon D7 work through such a tiny eyepiece?

The lens on the camera is a 18-135 with a 67mm filter size. It seems too large to work and I do not see a 67 mm adapter on your site.

Alternatively, can you recommend a point and shoot camera with filter threads that would be optimal? With the appropriate adapter? Most point and shoot cameras have no threads for filters/adapters.



Unfortunately, your lens will not work. In order to digiscope, you need a fixed 50mm lens for the camera. Almost universally, those fixed 50mm lenses have a thread size of 52mm. Assuming that’s the case with the one you buy, you’d also need the 52mm adapter ring for the front of the DA1.

As far as point and shoot cameras go, the first thing is to make sure its optical zoom is no higher than 4x. From there, any with filter threads (or a filter thread adapter) should work (along with the appropriate Kowa DCA ring) on the DA1.

The other option would be to buy one of the newer Vortex PS-100 brackets, which provide a 37mm ring.

We use a Canon SD4000IS with the Vortex PS-100 and it works well.

If you went the PS-100 route, you’d need the Kowa DCA 37mm adapter ring.

Make sense?

If not, we'd be happy to try and help answer more questions.

Eagle Optics

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