Friday, February 17, 2012

Digiscoping with a Swarovski scope

Eagle Optics,

I have an older angled 80mm Swarovski spotting scope that I would like to use with my Canon XTI digital camera. Does the Swarovski DCA adapter on the video on your website work with all brands? What info do I need to order the right adapter?



The Swarovski DCA adapter pretty much only works as is with Swarovski scopes. Here are the three pieces you’ll need to get in order to use your XTI with the old gray-bodied scope:

-Fixed 50mm lens for your camera (from a camera shop or online; we don’t sell these)

-Swaorvski Digital Camera Adapter for Zoom Eyepiece

-Swarovski Digi Camera Adapter Ring

The 50 mm lenses almost universally have a 52mm thread on the end of them. Swarovski provides a 52mm ring (along with other sizes) with the purchase of the DCA adapter.
This should all work quite well together.

Eagle Optics

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