Thursday, April 5, 2012

Digiscoping with a Kowa 883 and a Point-n-Shoot camera

Eagle Optics,

I recently purchased a Kowa TSN 883 from Eagle Optics (with which I am very happy) and would now like to get set up for digiscoping. From reading your articles and watching your tutorial videos I have decided to begin with a point and shoot camera, being unfamiliar with digital photography (I have quite a bit of experience with conventional SLRs, primarily in the Nikon family). Would you be able to provide me with a list of cameras you consider suitable (please include your opinions) for this activity that meet your minimum specs for digiscoping (including video-capable)?

I have not yet purchased an adapter, not having decided on a camera.
When I was doing bird photography with a telephoto lens in my conventional SLR days I found that a shutter release cable was essential to capturing good images, but I saw no mention of any need for this in digiscoping.



There is no comprehensive list of digiscoping appropriate cameras because the models and offerings change so much. The main thing is that you choose a camera with a small body and below 4x optical zoom.

Along with a camera like that, the nicest adapter setup for your scope would be
a Kowa TSN DA-10 Digital Camera Adapter, a 37mm adapter ring, and a Vortex PS100 Point-n-Shoot adapter.

The camera we use in store and love is the Canon SD4000IS.

I would suggest heading to B&H and see what they have. They usually have a really good selection of good quality cameras that are inexpensive.

And we are always happy to help answer any further questions you might have as you go.

Eagle Optics

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