Monday, May 21, 2012

Difference between 8x32 ELs

Eagle Optics,

How are the new Swarovski 8x32 EL's with Swarovision different from the ones I have that are perhaps 5-6 years old?


Dear Rick,

There are two main upgrades that Swarovski made to the optical system of the new Swarovision binoculars.

1. The lenses now use Flourite glass, which has better light transmission properties than standard, high-grade optical glass. Expect the new ones to have better resolution and to be slightly brighter. They also do a better job at eliminating chromatic aberration.

2. Swarovski uses a field flattener lens element in the Swarovison binoculars which gives them near perfect edge sharpness.

These are both subtle but noticeable enhancements to the original 8x32 EL’s.

In the hand, there are some minor physical differences between the two, but in general the new 32mm EL’s have the same ergonomic shape and feel as yours do, although they are smaller and lighter.

Best Regards,
Eagle Optics

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