Friday, May 11, 2012

Digiscoping with the Canon PowerShot S100 and a Kowa TSN spotting scope

Eagle Optics,

Do you have any tips on attaching the Canon PowerShot S100 to a Kowa zoom 20-60x or the 25x eyepiece with the Vortex DCA? Distance of lens to camera?

Should I use the tele-convertor on the camera? Which settings should I use? J peg or raw, etc?



Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.

First of all, I’m not entirely sure the S100 will work for digiscoping because it has a 5x optical zoom. Generally, anything with an over 4x optical zoom doesn’t work well because you can’t get rid of vignetting. That being said, you might have a camera that bucks the trend and is the exception to the rule.

Which Kowa scope do you have? The DCA you choose will depend on which scope you have.

If you’re using the 60mm, 66mm, or 82SV scopes, you’ll want this DCA. If you have the zoom eyepiece with this setup, you’ll also need this extension ring. Then, assuming your camera does not have filter threads, which most of them don’t, you’ll also need Kowa’s DCA 37mm ring. And the Vortex PS100 to match the 37mm thread.

If you’re using the 77 or 88mm scopes from Kowa, with a zoom or fixed eyepiece, you’ll need this adapter. Plus the Kowa DCA 37mm ring above and the Vortex PS100 above.

You’ll want to put the camera in manual mode, turn the flash off, etc. You can shoot raw, but you will obviously need a much larger memory card. Please let me or anyone else know if you have any more questions.

Eagle Optics

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  1. i have used a 10x optical zoom but it has wide angle lens and have been happy with the results. i also just hold the camera up to the lens. although it's not perfect it usually turns out quite well.


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