Thursday, May 24, 2012

Digiscoping with a Zeiss/Pentax/Nikon spotting scope

Eagle Optics,

I am looking at the Zeiss 15-56x65 Angled demo, Pentax PF ED 20-60x65, or Nikon 20-60x60 Fieldscope III. I will use the scope for birding and digiscoping.

Please tell me what adapters I would need for each model to hook up a Nikon D90 and the cost. I get confused on adapters and I want to get the right stuff the first time.

Any advice on options and quality are appreciated.



Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.

The Pentax unfortunately won’t work at all. The Pentax scopes will only accept Pentax SLR bodies.

As far as the Nikon scope goes, you can use this adapter. This adapter bridges the gap between your scope body and camera body, and essentially turns the scope into a telephoto lens.

The Zeiss setup is a bit more rigged, but will allow you to use the SLR with a fixed 50mm lens. The zoom lenses won’t work, so you’ll need a fixed 50 if you don’t already own one. Your camera with a fixed 50 will work on half of this Swarovski adapter with that Zeiss scope. This adapter comes with a 52mm ring which will attach to the (almost universally) 52mm threads on the end of fixed 50mm lenses.

Hope this helps.

Eagle Optics

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  1. Get the Zeiss proprietary Zeiss Body to camera body adapter! A lot less headache!! No spotting scope eyepiece and no camera lens!


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