Thursday, June 7, 2012

Travel Binoculars

Eagle Optics,

I was wondering if you could suggest some binoculars to look at on your site. The purpose of this pair would be to take along with me while backpacking to look at nature, scout for trails, look at ruins.

The main requirements are compactness and light weight. I think either a 7x or 8x power pair would be best for my use. Any suggestions you could make would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.

It will all depend what price range you're interested in and how compact/lightweight you're thinking, but here are some all-purpose, good binoculars that might work. All of these are durable and waterproof so they will work well for travel.  

Vortex Viper 8x28 

Minox 8x 25 BV

Eagle Optics Ranger 8x32

Eagle Optics

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