Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Digiscoping with a Kowa scope

Eagle Optics,

I am seeking some information please on Kowa products.

Up until recently I have been digiscoping using a Swarovski 80mm HD scope in conjunction with a 30x fixed eyepiece and Canon S95 P&S camera however the slow shooting speed was costing me too many shots (only about 1.2 fps).

I have just changed over to a Sony SLT-A77V APS-C camera with a Sony 70-400 G Lens and whilst I can get some excellent photos, I find that I am at least 200mm short for bird shots, missing too many distant shot opportunities which is obviously why you use the digiscoping method.

I have read online reports about the new range of Kowa scopes and accessories that include lens and adapters to which I can add my Sony A77 APS-C camera to take advantage of both the speed and quality of the A77 camera and the distance and clarity provided by the Kowa Scope/adapter range.

I looked up the Kowa site for the Options for my A77 but it became very confusing with the dedicated large lens that one can attach directly to the camera, scopes and the various adapter options etc. I believe somewhere around 800mm is sufficient distance/low light capability. So I am seeking advice on my options as to what the alternatives and benefits are for my Sony A77 camera set up. As I said, I did check out the Kowa site and options for APS-C cameras but it became confusing.

Many Thanks,

Hi Grahame,

This is the adapter that would work for your camera body and the 77 or 88 scopes, a TSN-PZ Digital SLR Photo Adapter. You would also need a Sony T-ring, and these two pieces would replace/bridge the gap between both the eyepiece of your scope and the lens of your camera.

If you’re interested in using a lens with your camera, you would need to first get a fixed 50mm lens. The zoom lenses won’t work for digiscoping. Then you could use this adapter setup, a TSN-DA10 Digital Camera Adapter with the 52mm Digital Camera Adapter Ring.

Eagle Optics

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