Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Swarovski scope vs. Kowa scope for digiscoping

Good Morning,

I see that the Swarovski ATM 80 HD scope is on sale. I know this scope is being discontinued.

1. How many do you have left?
2. Would you recommend this over the Kowa Prominar? I plan to use for both observation and digiscoping. 3. If I buy the Swaro, would you recommend the DCA camera adapter or the UCA camera adapter if I plan to use a mirrorless such as the Nikon V1?

Your feed back would be appreciated.


Hi Rick,

Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics and the Swarovski ATM 80 HD scope.

Currently we have just 1 ATM 80 HD in stock, they have been going quickly since they’ve been discontinued. There is a chance that we may still get a few more from Swarovski after this 1 is gone, but there is no guarantee.

As far as a scope recommendation is concerned, I personally prefer the Swarovski 80 HD over the Prominar 88, but there are good arguments either way. For one, the color is more neutral on the 80 HD, whereas the Prominar is a little warm, with a slightly orange tint. Second, I find the focus wheel on the Swarovski quicker than the Prominar’s, which is useful in setting up a quick shot, and the 80 HD is lighter than the Kowa which helps with overall stability. However, the Kowa is a little bit brighter, and has a slightly sharper center-point.

As for which DCA you should use, I would definitely recommend the UCA camera adapter. A co-worker of mine, who happens to be a long-time digiscoper, uses the Nikon V1 with the UCA adapter and says it’s the best setup he’s ever had. I’ve used it myself with him, and have to admit that it does work very well. If you have any other questions please let us know.

Eagle Optics

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