Friday, October 19, 2012

Pentax scope, tripod questions for multiple uses

Eagle Optics,

Does the barrel on the angled Pentax rotate a full 360 degrees?  I will be using the spotting scope for rifle range work and viewing birds and wild game here in Iowa. Which quick release mount works best on the Pentax?  Is there a tripod that has a quick release head that works works the Pentax? Thanks, you all have been most helpful.

Hugh G.


Dear Hugh,

Yes, the rotating tripod ring does go 360 around the body of the scope.
Any quick release plate should work.
They are standard 1/4 “ threading , which is also what the scope has.
Pretty much any tripod will work.
You’ll need to consider these things:
Are you looking at the angled scope? How tall are you? And what are you willing to spend and carry (weight-wise)?

Eagle Optics

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