Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Adapter for Digiscoping with a Vortex Nomad Scope

Dear Eagle Optics,
I own the Vortex Nomad 20-60x60 Spotting Scope.  Can I combine this scope with a digital camera? If so, what additional parts are required?



Dear Ed,
Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.
This scope can work with a point and shoot camera if it has below a 4x optical zoom and a small body.

You could use it with an adapter like the Vortex Universal 28-45mm Small Digital Camera Adapter.


Eagle Optics


  1. There are many adapters for the Vortex Razor but will these fit the Nomad at all? What about iPhone 5 adapters for the Nomad? Any good ones?

  2. The adapters designed for the Vortex Razor do not work with the Nomad because its eyepiece is smaller than the Razor eyepiece. Besides the Vortex Universal 28-45mm Small Digital Camera Adapter, the Kowa TSN IP4S iPhone 4/4S Digiscoping Bracket with a Kowa iPhone 4/4S Genesis 33 mm Binocular Adapter Ring, works with the Nomad scope as well.

    Currently there are no iPhone 5 adapters available, but several have been announced for release later this year. Hopefully one of those will fit the Nomad as well.

    Eagle Optics


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