Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Binoculars for Kids

My daughters are asking for binoculars for Christmas. I came upon your website on the internet in my quest to learn what would be a good pair for children (age 7, 9). Unfortunately, my budget is not unlimited so I am trying to find the best pair of binoculars that I can for a reasonable price....especially since I have to buy TWO. Could you please help me?  We home school our children so these will not be used for a specific purpose, just exploring nature! 

Thank you, 


I would recommend the Eagle Optics Kingbird. These are by far the best inexpensive, good-quality binoculars that are especially suited to kids around that age.
This model is great at its price, but also durable with a great warranty that they will be able to keep forever and grow into.

Eagle Optics

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