Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Searching for an all-purpose binocular for a gift


I am planning on buying binoculars as a Christmas gift for my fiance.  A friend who uses them a lot recommended Eagle Optics, so I would like to go with that brand.  

We are both new to using binoculars, so something fairly easy to use would be great.  I would like to spend around $175 - $225.  He would use them for things like seeing the view from the top of a mountain during a hike, or looking off his balcony at birds or the ocean at a distance. 

I saw the Eagle Optics Ranger SRT 6x32 Binocular on your site.  They got lots of great reviews and the price is good, since they are on sale, but I'm not sure if they are the right ones for him.  I would appreciate any advice you could provide.  Is there another one you would recommend?

Thank you!

Christy T.

Dear Christy,

That 6x32 Ranger would be a great choice.

The 6x will provide a wide field of view and the midsize is nice for most people to hold without hauling around a heavy binocular.

It will be significantly sharper and brighter to the edge than other pieces in its price range.
It’s a discontinued model (no longer made in the 6x) and on sale.

Another good one in that range, but not as nice as the Ranger, would be the 8x42 Denali.

Again, it’s great at its price, but will not be nearly as sharp or bright as the Ranger. 


Eagle Optics

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