Friday, December 28, 2012

What does degrees on a binocular mean?

On my binocular, after 8 x 42 what does the 8.2 degrees mean?


Christopher C.


Hi Christopher,
The degrees are the field of view of the binocular.  More specifically this information represents the angular field of view since it is in degrees, on a 360 degree scale.  
You can convert this measurement into a linear field of view by multiplying the angular field of view by 52.36.  This will give you a linear field of view of 431 feet @ 1000 yards, which means if you were looking at a wall 1000 yards away through that binocular you could see 431 feet of that wall from one edge of your view to the other edge.  
I hope that is helpful, and please call if you have any other questions. 
Eagle Optics


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