Monday, January 21, 2013

Comparing Nikon, Minox, and Leica Binocs

Can you tell me the difference between the Nikon Premier series and the Premier LXL?  Is LXL better, or just an updated model name?

What condition are refurbished binoculars in?  For ones that you are selling, do you have details on what needed to be repaired and the results of the repair?  Are the refurbished by the maker (for example, Nikon)?

For Minox, I have not been able to view the HG or newer APO models.  Is there a noticeable difference in optical quality?   Also, do you feel that there is a big optical difference between the APO and similar models offered by Leica?


Rick Tiedman


Dear Rick,
Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.
The Premier LXLs and Premiers have had a couple of generations of name changes and slight changes to body, etc….

You’d have to ask Nikon to be absolutely sure, but I think when they moved from the LXL to the Premier, they updated the body from aluminum to magnesium and put in updated eyecups with a more durable assembly and intermediate settings.

The refurbished Nikon binoculars come with a limited 90-day warranty, plus Nikon’s $10 repair or replacement policy.
The refurbished models from Nikon have been redone by Nikon to make them essentially like new.
There may be some cosmetic wear, but they are in working condition and do not need repair.

You would still get the full 30-day return policy from us on the purchase of a refurbished Nikon as well.

To my eyes, the Minox APO HGs are sharper to the edge than the regular HGs, but both are quite nice at their price.
The demo APO HGs are a similar story—these are demos from Minox with 10 year warranties, and are in good shape.
They may show some cosmetic wear,  but are optically in working condition.

I’d say the APO HGs from Minox and the new Trinovids aren’t drastically different as far as sharpness to the edge of the image goes.
I’d argue that the Leica Ultravid HD will be a noticeable step up from the APO HGs.

Thanks, Rick! 

Eagle Optics 

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